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Ever feel like I just can’t take this job anymore and I completely have done with it? Ever feel like giving up job? Ever feel like nothing in life is good and everything is messed up? Ever wanted to leave the job but couldn’t because of your needs? We are here at your rescue. Try
career break
Many of us take career breaks and that is not a bad thing as most of us consider. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have taken a career break instead if there is a genuine reason you should definitely take a career break. But, the real challenge that follows is how you
Changing jobs seems like a very challenging and enormous decision. Many people fear quitting their jobs because of the consequences they expect to have. Sometimes, quitting a job can lead to long- term success and happiness. You should not be bound to continue working under circumstances you do not want to work in. But most

Online Jobs

                                                                The world has changed a lot and has brought about revolution in almost every era. Now you don’t have to go out of your homes and do the hassle of finding the right job for you. You don’t have to wake up every morning, dress up for an interview, travel a few kilometers
Sometimes, it’s not easy to reach to reach your basic expenditures through just your job. You have a talent but you are not using that a anyway because you are forced to work in another field in order to earn money. Guess what we have for you, there are hundreds and thousands of ways to
You have just graduated and have taken a step towards your practical life. You have trouble understanding the basic thick and thins. You do not know how to get prepared but you cannot find exactly how. Since, you are inexperienced you do not understand what are the basic fundamentalism of what are the employers specifically
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What to do when you are jobless

There may be a certain period of time when you are unemployed and that is okay. There may be a hundred reasons why you are jobless and cannot find any jobs further. You need to figure the reasons of you not getting the job and try to prevent that as soon as possible because not
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Reasons you cannot find a job

There are many reasons out there to justify why we work and do a job but on the flip side when it comes to phase out the reasons for being unemployed, no one would have a definite reason or answer. You desperately need a job and have been landing your resumes and CVs at companies
job interview preparation

How to prepare for an interview

Whenever you are about to go for an interview, you would certainly feel a pit in your stomach and feel it sinking and that is anxiety. You would feel that you are clueless for the upcoming challenges even if you have prepared your lungs out. It is normal and completely fine to feel like it.
Career Match

Which job will suit me the best?

First and foremost it’s very important for you to realize whether you’re going for your passion or needs. Is it your passion? In case the job is your passion, it will lead you to the right destination if you do hard work and stay determined throughout the journey. However, if job is your need then