employment gap
To handle employment gaps in a resume is a very crucial and technical stage. You can either make it or break it like a pro. It entirely depends upon how you handle such things. Where it may be very difficult to handle such things, there you need to understand the cost of lying. Be sure
9 things you should never include in your resume
Writing a resume may be a very technical phase for you. It may be difficult for you to actually understand what to write and what not to write and how is that going to affect your job. It is equally important to know what you should probably never write in your resume since that plays
effective resume

Making an Effective Resume

Your resume is your professional personality. The more meticulously you take down your resume, more chances of success you will have. Every job has its own peculiarities and specific requirements. While writing your resume, you should never follow ‘one-size- fits all’ approach. For example, if you have prepared a resume for business development manager for,
take care of yourself

Caution! Take Care of Yourself

When we are working 9-5 and are at the top of our game, we tend to forget that self care is as important as our job. Taking care of your health, skin, diet and everything in general is very important because not only your are an employee but also a father, mother, daughter, son, husband,
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You are always a villain in someone’s story. You cannot always be a good or positive person in everyone’s story or list. There may be chances that you are the problem but there are again likely chances that it might just be hostility among your co-workers and you may not be a culprit. Anyways, you
do you like your job1
Ever feel like I just can’t take this job anymore and I completely have done with it? Ever feel like giving up job? Ever feel like nothing in life is good and everything is messed up? Ever wanted to leave the job but couldn’t because of your needs? We are here at your rescue. Try
workplace problems
When we are at a working place, we tend to face certain problems and challenges which can take a serious turn if they are not treated verily on time and with the mind. From inactivity at work to facing bad and negative attitudes at work. According to researches, most of the employees especially the younger
success factors feature
It does not matter if you are in any field or in any job; there are some most notable characteristics that the authority sees before employing you. These standard attributes and qualities do matter a lot and it benefits much in the long term. You may be a doctor, engineer, lawyer, marketing manager or even
1. Identify your industry/ business The first and foremost step in becoming an entrepreneur is to identify what business do you want to invest in. is it food services? Whatever may it be, it’s very pertinent for you to choose an area which you are passionate about because being an entrepreneur is all about passion
Fun at Work

How to have fun at work

Have fun during work? No way. That is what comes to most people’s mind when it comes to having fun at the workplace. It seems and sounds as the worst combination ever made. But, if we look insight, we would certainly understand that if maintained the balance, it could be
career mistakes

Career-mistakes that must be avoided

It is okay to make mistakes in life and there is nothing to be ashamed of in any way. But, if you keep on repeating certain mistakes over and over again, that is when it gets embarrassing. Repeatedly, making the same mistake decreases your quality of work and people become
career break
Many of us take career breaks and that is not a bad thing as most of us consider. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you have taken a career break instead if there is a genuine reason you should definitely take a career break. But, the real challenge that follows is how you