About Candacy

Candacy.UK, a job board for Employers and Job Seekers to find the right candidates and right jobs. On Candacy.UK Jobs are available across all the states of US. Thousands of jobs are available on our job board Candacy.us in all industry sectors within United States

You are a student, fresh graduate or an Expert in your industry, Candacy.UK is the place to support you for all your job hunting needs. If you are planning to take your career to next level; or just beginning your career Candacy.UK provides opportuniteis for everyone.

Candacy.UK is a project of TacBit Tech. TacBit Tech a next-gen technology company with a diverse portfolio of technology and online services. Providing innovative and next generation ‘Information Technology Solutions and Services’ with a superior quality of service, aligned with international implementation best practices which are adapted to the working environment for all types of organizations in USA, Asia & EMEA.